Monday, 22 August 2011

Crocodile Alligator Hair clips!

So I thought for the irony factor I'd make some crocodile hair clips using alligator clips.

First you have supplies

You need-

Felt (white and coloured) or Ribbon (If using ribbon sealing the edges helps)
Googly eyes
Rhinestones (optional)
and of course Hair clips!

From there you cut the teeth.  This is just a piece of white felt (I used a piece 1cm x 3 cm) for the size clips I'm using.  How I worked out how much I needed was to simply clip the clip onto a piece of felt and cut around-

 I then repeated with the green (clipped it on and twisted the ribbon/felt through and around.) and I ended up with a piece 17cm long.

I then stuck the white squares onto the green, maybe 1mm in from the end. 

I gave that a minuet or so to sit (I'm using fairly fast drying glue) and then I put glue on the opposite side to the white.  I inserted this into the clip-

I put glue along the topside metal and ran the felt/ribbon along sticking it down as I went.

Next, I put glue on the underside of the clip, but not onto the prongs! Just where you open and close it.  I put the felt onto that and then ran glue down the rest of the felt.

You then need to open the clip up and fold the felt back in.  Don't run the bottom piece along without having the clip open!  Otherwise it will stick to the white felt.  When you're done put something in the 'mouth' to keep it open (I used a match stick)

 Next your eyes and rhinestones and put some of the glue onto a small piece of plastic and get a tooth pick.

  Put a small dab of glue onto the back of the eyes and place them where you want them to be.  Repeat with other eye and rhinestones.

You should end up with something like this!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yay for technology!

This is just to say yay I'm posting from my phone.
And look at my pretty nails